SM Lawn Care LLC takes care of all your commercial and residential outdoor needs:


Our Exmark and Walker mowers provide a consistent, clean cut to make your lawn healthier and better looking. The Honda push mower completes our fleet, providing the perfect size for those tighter, hard to get to areas of the lawn.

Lawn Treatments

We like to use as little chemicals as we can but still have an effective treatment.  SM Lawn Care is committed to do our part to keep your lawn healthy and your family safe. We do a 5 step lawn treatment program.

Power Bed Edging and Clean-Up

Using our specialty edging tools, we can give your beds a smooth, deep edge that allows extra room for mulching. This gives your beds a crisp look that will last through the whole season.


SM Lawn Care LLC provides mulching services, including delivery, to keep your flowers and plants healthy throughout the year while keeping weeds under control. We have many different types of mulch available, from premium to various dyed mulches.

Leaf Clean-Up

The changing seasons make a lot of leaves and debris for your yard and flower beds. SM Lawn Care offers the leaf clean-up solutions to fit your needs.

General Trimming

Our Echo trimming accessories and attachments allow us to maintain your property throughout the year.

Handyman services