Commercial Lawn Care Services in Lancaster, PA

SM Lawn Care LLC takes care of all your commercial lawn care and landscaping needs in Lancaster County.


Lawn Mowing Services

Commercial-grade Exmark and Walker mowers deliver a precise, healthy cut across your entire property. Our Honda push mowers handle tight spaces with ease, ensuring a flawless finish for your business landscape.

Lawn Treatment Services

We understand the importance of a healthy, vibrant landscape for your business. That’s why we prioritize natural solutions whenever possible in our 5-step lawn treatment program. This minimizes chemical use while still achieving effective results. Learn more about our eco-friendly approach to keeping your commercial property looking its best!

Power Bed Edging and Clean-Up Services

Our expert crew uses specialized edging tools to create crisp, clean lines that define your property’s landscaping beds. This professional touch allows for a deeper edge, perfect for accommodating extra mulch and enhancing the overall visual appeal of your entire commercial space. These clean lines will stay defined throughout the season, ensuring a consistently polished look for your business.

Mulching Services

Transform your commercial landscape with our comprehensive mulching services. We offer a variety of high-quality mulches, from classic premium options to vibrant dyed selections. Our delivery and installation services ensure a flawless, weed-suppressing finish that keeps your flower beds and landscaping looking their best year-round.

Leaf Clean-Up Services

Don’t let falling leaves detract from your professional image. SM Lawn Care offers comprehensive leaf removal services to keep your commercial property looking its best throughout the season. We provide customized solutions to fit your specific needs, ensuring a clean and debris-free landscape that reflects your commitment to excellence.

General Trimming Services

Maintain a polished look for your entire commercial property with our top-notch trimming services. Utilizing top-of-the-line Echo trimming equipment, we meticulously maintain your hedges, bushes, and other landscape features. This ensures a clean, crisp aesthetic that enhances your curb appeal and projects a professional image all year round.

Snow Removal

Keep your business running smoothly all winter long in Lancaster, PA with SM Lawn Care’s dependable snow removal services. We understand the importance of maintaining clear walkways and parking lots for your employees and customers. Our experienced crew is equipped to tackle even the heaviest snowfall, ensuring safe and accessible access to your property throughout the season.

Contact Us To Learn About Our Commercial Lawn Care Services!

Don’t let your lawn care become a burden on your busy schedule. SM Lawn Care offers comprehensive commercial services to keep your property looking its best year-round. From flawless mowing and meticulous edging to weed control and seasonal clean up, we handle it all. Contact us today for a free quote an d discover how our dedicated team can elevate your curb appeal and create a lasting impression for your business.

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